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Building websites with Google Sites

A short introduction to Google Sites, a Google Application that allows you to create free websites. Participants will learn how easy it is to create and update the websites, explore how they can be used for creating online resource pages with links, building online lessons for learners or even setting up professional looking websites for organizations.

(30 minutes)

Connecting and meeting with Google Hangouts or Google Meet

A quick overview of Google Hangouts and Google Meet Apps and how they can be used to connect, chat and video call with others, including colleagues and learners. Participants will have a chance to try both tools, explore their features and learn about their similarities and differences.

(30 minutes)

Meeting quickly with

A quick orientation to a meeting and video-conferencing tool that can be launched and accessed in seconds (no login or download required). Participants will learn how to set up, join and use to connect with colleagues and learners.

(30 minutes)